broken microwaves in Los Angeles

We’ll Fix Any Appliance Including a Broken Microwaves in Los Angeles

Appliances are great labor-saving devices, but like anything electrical or mechanical, they do tend to break down from time to time. This may be because of constant use, improper use, or lack of maintenance. It may be just because a working part has become worn. Whatever the reason, it usually happens when least expected and…

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appliance repair in Pasadena

Appliance Repair in Pasadena and Much More

Have you been looking for appliance repair in Pasadena, but each location seems less trustworthy than the last? Are you searching for somewhere that can be there today? We take great pride in offering a “same day” service that really does come to you on that same day. However, don’t feel like we have to…

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Kitchen and house appliances

Universal Appliance Repair: Fix the Old or Buy New

Many appliance owners would choose to purchase a new unit when their appliance isn’t working efficiently. But put off your plan to buy a new appliance. Instead, have it checked by our Universal Appliance Repair technicians. Repairing your appliance is the better option if your money is tight. Before you choose to purchase a new unit, you…

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