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Call World Appliance Service in Los Angeles If Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

Washing your clothes can take a lot of time. It can even consume more time if your dryer takes a long time to dry. If that happens, then you need to call our World Appliance Service in Los Angeles. But what causes your dryer to take too long to dry? 

World Appliance Service in Los Angeles

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If your dryer doesn’t dry sufficiently, it can cause a delay in your daily routine. Before you panic, though, you may want to know the reason your dryer takes too long to try. The first thing you need to check is the power source. Keep in mind that an electric dryer needs a 240V outlet. However, if you have a gas dryer, it needs a 120v outlet. Plus, it requires a sufficient gas line connection to get enough power. If you’re using a gas dryer, contact our professional service to assess your gas connection. You must never use an extension cord to power your electric or gas dryer. The reason for this is that it can’t give your dryer enough power to operate properly. 


Are You Drying Too Many Clothes 

Remember that your dryer can only handle a set amount of clothes. If you overload it, it can take too long to dry. Too much clothing in the dryer won’t allow hot air to circulate sufficiently. Thus, drying times will take longer than normal. Check your owner’s manual to know the capacity of your dryer. But we recommend that you fill it 3/4 of the way full. This will ensure adequate air circulation. Now, if you put just enough clothing in your dryer but it still takes too long for it to dry, then you must check your clothes. Are they too wet? You should not put your clothes in the dryer that are soaking wet. If that’s your case, then don’t be surprised if your dryers take too long to dry them. The reason for this is that your washer spin cycle needs to eliminate water from your clothes. In that way, the clothes must not be dripping wet when they go to the dryer. 

In that case, you must check the setting of your washer. Set it up to give you an adequate spin cycle. If you set it to a gentle or hand wash cycle, then its spin speed isn’t enough. The result will be soaking wet. On the other hand, if the setting is correct but your clothes are still dripping wet, then you have a problem with your washer. Contact our repair team ASAP so we can fix it right away. The issue can also be the result of a clogged vent. Even if you regularly clean the lint trap, the vent can still clog with lint. This will result in longer drying times. However, if you check everything but your dryer is still taking too long to dry your clothes, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our team. Call our World Appliance Service in Los Angeles today to inquire about our services. Please dial (818) 962-2790.