fixing noisy dryer with appliance repair service

Fixing Noisy Dryer with Appliance Repair Service

The dryer produces sound when you’re using it. However, the noise isn’t loud. If you’re hearing loud noises every time your dryer starts, then it might be time for you to call an appliance repair in Palm Springs. Regardless of the brand of your dryer, a universal appliance repair can help put a stop to this issue.

Appliance Repair in Palm Springs to Fix Loud Dryer Sounds 

Before the loud sounds can be fixed, the cause has to be known first. 

Thumping Sound

If this is the sound you hear when you operate your dryer, the number reason for this is that you put a lot of bulky items in the dryer. For instance, if you add comforters, sheets, or rugs, they clump together and form a ball on one side of the machine. This results in making a thumping sound. To prevent this sound, you may pause the operation and redistribute the large items loosely. 

Drying Sneakers

Another reason for this sound is you use your dryer to dry your sneakers. Some are saying that drying sneakers with a dryer can damage the dryer parts. Others don’t believe that they can harm the dryer. Regardless of what you believe, you should stop tossing your tennis shoes in your dryer. According to the Runners World, “Extreme temperatures can also do some serious damage, which is why the dryer is a no-go, too, says Angsuvarn. “There’s a good chance that the heat and constant tumbling will damage the foam along with causing misshaping,” he says. Opt for air drying by removing the insoles and setting the shoes outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.”

Pounding Sound

This is usually the result of the legs that aren’t level. Check the dryer’s legs to find if the four legs are resting evenly on the floor. If you’re not sure, you may refer to this information in your user manual. The manual has a useful guide on how to level the dryer’s legs. The main thing here is to adjust the legs up and down to make sure that every leg is in contact with the floor. If one of the legs is missing, it’s time to replace it. Call our universal appliance repair for more information. 

Grinding Noise

One main reason is that there are loose objects trapped inside the machine. They could be noise or nails that get caught in the seam at the back of the dryer. This is easy to resolve by just pausing the cycle and inspecting the seams for any trapped object. Remove them before continuing the process. 

fixing noisy dryer with appliance repair service


This kind of sound calls for professional appliance repair. But you can try to fix it by removing some items from the dryer. However, if the sound remains, the dryer might be suffering from a broken drive belt. Its drum glides might be defective. The only way to find out is to call an appliance repair in Palm Springs to troubleshoot this issue. Call us today to know more: (818) 832-5318.