freezer issues in Los Angeles

Freezer Issues in Los Angeles? Say No More, Come to Us

Freezer on the blink? Is it defrosting when it shouldn’t? It can’t maintain the correct temperature? Any appliance that you have going wrong is always a real pain. The problem with a freezer going wrong is that they are usually stuffed full of food that will normally keep you and your family in meals for the rest of the month. All that food going to waste because it defrosts doesn’t bear thinking about. That’s not to mention the expense of replacing all the items lost. What are you going to do? The only thing you can do if you have freezer issues in Los Angeles is call in a repair service like us at Universal Appliance Service Inc. We not only design, build and service appliances, but repair them too.

freezer issues in Los Angeles

Common Freezer Issues

  1. The build-up of frost: the defrost heater may need to be replaced. It depends on where the build-up occurs. Maybe the temperature is set too low, which tends to produce ‘snow’. Freezers should be set at least -18 C.
  2. Puddles of water: if there are small puddles of water by your freezer the defrost drain may have frozen over. The drain needs to be defrosted. Check your pipeline and shut-off valve. Either one may need to be replaced.
  3. If it isn’t running: if it isn’t running there’s probably an energy problem. This is an electrical problem as power isn’t getting through to your appliance.
  4. The temperature is too high: this may mean that the thermostat is broken or simply that the setting has been accidentally adjusted. It may also have to do with how much stuff you have in the freezer; too much or too little. This is one of the most common freezer issues in Los Angeles.
  5. Strange noises: freezers tend to make a variety of noises as they go through their cycles. You would really need a technician to tell you if a noise indicates a fault.

Our Services

We offer a same day service or because we are flexible and are a customer orientated company, you can set a time at your convenience. Your appliance going wrong is bad enough and you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, but sometimes having a repairman around can disrupt your routine. We understand, we don’t want to be intrusive, so the client calls the shots. Not only are our staff trained and experienced, but our company carries the parts for a very wide range of freezers, from the oldest makes to the newest models. So, you can rest assured whatever make or model of the freezer that you have, we can fix it. After completing the necessary repairs we provide you with a 90-day guarantee that states that if you aren’t satisfied with the work that we have done we will return and put it right without any extra charge.

No Problem

So, if you have freezer issues in Los Angeles, it isn’t the end of the world, just annoying. We at Universal Appliance Service Inc. are at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website, if you have any queries.