refrigerator problems in Los Angeles

How to Deep Clean Your Fridge

Most appliances will last for years if you maintain them properly and this includes your fridge. It doesn’t take much to do this, but unfortunately, we forget. The fridge is an item that is always in constant use. Many times we are too busy and it slips our minds. How many times do you take out or return things to the fridge every day? It’s not something you really bother to remember, is it?

Anyway, your fridge is probably one of the main fixtures in your kitchen. Where else are you going to store foodstuffs to keep them fresh? Many refrigerator problems in Los Angeles are caused by poor maintenance because we put it off or simply do not remember to do it. If you do have problems with your fridge, whatever the cause, you can rely on us, Universal Appliance Service Inc., to come and fix it.

refrigerator problems in Los Angeles


The obvious dangers of broken or malfunctioning fridges are the spoiling of food and contamination. Not only is there waste, but possible health issues too. Bacteria and germs are the major concerns. It is estimated that your salad or vegetable drawer can contain over 7,000 different types of germs alone. There’s no need to become alarmed as most are harmless to us but ignoring the cleanliness of your fridge can lead to more serious consequences.


Every new fridge comes with an instruction manual on the proper care of your appliance. Most manufacturers recommend a thorough cleaning at least twice a year or more if you can do it. It will also point out the proper use of it too.

One simple instruction to take account of is shutting the door correctly. If you don’t this can lead to damaged seals, moisture entering from the outside and unbalancing of the correct temperature settings.

The manual will also show you the right method to clean the condenser coils, which are very important. You will find many simple instructions on how to avoid refrigerator problems in Los Angeles.

Cleaning Schedule

So, regular maintenance as regards cleaning is a must if you want to avoid problems with your fridge. It shouldn’t take much effort or time. Write out a schedule as a reminder and pin it to your fridge door with a magnet. The easiest time to clean your fridge is when you don’t have much in it, especially meat or other easily spoiled foods. Just before your monthly or weekly shop, when it is pretty empty, would be best.


Take out anything removable first. You can wash them in the sink with warm soapy water and leave them to disinfect in clean water with a drop of bleach. This should take care of sticky or stubborn stains. Bicarbonate of soda is a good scouring agent to use, which won’t do the inside of your fridge any harm.

Refrigerator Problems?

If you do have refrigerator problems in Los Angeles, we at Universal Appliance Service Inc., will gladly come to your aid. For a fast, efficient and professional service, call or contact us through our website.