appliance repair in Pasadena

Appliance Repair You Can Count on in Pasadena

Is one of your appliances acting up? It isn’t functioning properly? Unfortunately, this usually happens to those appliances that are in constant or frequent use. There’s no need to worry because things can be fixed. All household appliances are made up of the main body and components. These components, whether mechanical or electrical, can be swapped out for replacement parts or repaired. The main worry that people have is the time and disruption a broken appliance causes. First, you can’t use the appliance until it is fixed and second, you have to find someone that will do a good job of repairing whatever has gone wrong. Finding that repairman that will come as soon as you need one and getting quality workmanship is probably the worst of it. Fortunately, if you need any kind of appliance repair in Pasadena you can rely on Universal Appliance Service Inc.

appliance repair in Pasadena


The staff that we employ are not your neighborhood handymen; they are trained technicians that are fully conversant with the appliances you use in your homes on a daily basis. Furthermore, our company does not just send out repairmen when needed but offers a full range of services for in-home appliance repair in Pasadena. Apart from fixing all the top name brands of appliances, we also repair lesser-known and obscure brands too. In fact, we go further than just reparation, we design and custom build appliances to fit our client’s needs. On top of that, we also install and maintain appliances to keep them in top working order and extend their lifespan.

Our Company

Our company has grown and expanded to cover the whole of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas because of our work ethic. We are a customer orientated company, believing that our continued success as a competitive firm is due to customer satisfaction and we have built a reputation on this. Unlike other companies in the same field, you can book a time for our technicians to call at your own convenience. We understand that waiting around for a repairman to turn up will cause disruption to your daily routine, especially for those of you with families, so the customer decides when our staff arrives to fix your appliance. Once the problem has been diagnosed, our technician will explain the how and why of it. Unfortunately, some breakdowns are due to misuse or the need for maintenance. Our technicians can also offer advice on the correct use of your appliance to get the maximum performance out of it. Any repairs that we will make come with a 90-day guarantee just in case there are further problems.

The Real Problem

As stated above, the real problem of appliance repair in Pasadena is not actually getting the problem fixed, but getting it done fast and efficiently. You may have been disappointed before when looking to have your household items correctly repaired, but here at Universal Appliance Services Inc., we guarantee customer satisfaction. So, if you are having problems with any of your household appliances, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or simply call.