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Troubleshoot Water and Ice Dispensers Before Calling LG Refrigerator Repair

The water dispenser in your LG refrigerator is a great way for you to have access to clean drinking water at home with ease and convenience. However, these will sometimes stop working and you’ll be left to deal with it. Our LG refrigerator repair services can help you with that, but before calling our team, you can try troubleshooting yourself to figure out what the issue is.

Water Filter Needs Replacing

If you notice that the water coming from your fridge’s water dispenser isn’t tasting great or feels different, the issue might be with the water filter, which probably needs to be replaced. Ideally, you should be replacing your LG fridge water filter every six months. To do so, first, remove the top shelf, which should be right below the water filter. Tilt-up the front of the shelf, lift it, and pull the shelf out. Now, pull the old water filter down and turn it counter-clockwise in order to pull it out. Be sure to first rotate the filter down completely before pulling it out of the manifold. Now, remove the protective cover from the new rings and push the new filter into the manifold with the tabs in a horizontal position. Run some water to remove air and unclean water before actually drinking.

Issues with Water Dispenser

Do you try to dispense water but only get a humming noise in return? First, check if the water is even getting to the dispenser by removing the filter and holding it over the sink with the tip facing down. If water comes out, it means that the water supply is on but something is blocking the flow. With the filter off, try to dispense some water. If water dispenses from the unit, this means that the filter needs to be replaced or that the water pressure is too low. If not, then the unit probably needs a bypass to be installed or it will require actual LG refrigerator repair services.

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Trouble with the Ice Maker

Now, if ice isn’t dispensing, then you will first need to verify that the unit is leveled correctly. After all, most issues with refrigerators come from improper leveling. Then, check if the ice cubes are clumped and stuck together. The more you dispense ice, the less it will accumulate and clump together. If it is, get rid of the clump. If not, check for ice in the dispenser chute, making sure that it’s not clogged with frost or ice fragments. Now, check the auger motor by pulling out the ice bin. This small motor sometimes accumulates ice or frost. If you find yourself consistently having this issue, you might need LG refrigerator repair. Lastly, you want to check whether the flap is frozen shut or not. If nothing here addresses the issue, call a repair service.

Contact LG Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is too important for you to have to deal with it breaking down on you. The good news is that you can count on our team here at Universal Appliance Service Repair to take care of your LG refrigerator repair promptly and without complications. Just give us a call at (877) 989-7419 and our oven repair team will be on its way.